Thursday, October 31, 2013

FREE Nonfiction: Raising Responsible Teens in a Digital World

Raising Responsible Teens in a Digital World

Book Description:

Help your teen navigate their fast-paced world with character and confidence.

Do you want to have conversations instead of arguments? Do you want to guide your teen into making good decisions about friends, technology, and the future without nagging or naysaying? Do you want to be an important influence in your child's life? Do you want to go from just "making it through" the teen years to enjoying them?

Raising Responsible Teens in a Digital World takes you beneath the surface and reveals what really motivates your teen, helping you understand your child and build a solid relationship based on love and mutual trust as they move toward adulthood. This book shows how even when they seem to be doing their best to ignore you, your teen is always learning from you. And it offers practical tips on how your family--parents and teens--can partner together to be a positive force in the world.

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