Thursday, October 10, 2013

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Be the Parent Your Family Needs.

If we are truly honest, most of us don't really know what we're doing as parents. We have good intentions, but daily frustrations and ongoing struggles might be evidence that we were better prepared to drive a car or pursue our career than raise children. To counter the usual trial-and-error method of parenting, Jim Burns offers time-tested advice and strategies for today's busy families.

Infused with his signature candidness and practicality, each chapter explores a different aspect of parenting--from breaking generational chains of dysfunction and creating a warm atmosphere at home to handling discipline issues and blessing your children with a legacy of faith. Helpful follow-up exercises and questions along the way reinforce the basics of good parenting and provide a foundation for developing your own family plan.

You won't find any quick fixes here, but you will learn how to make a positive difference in your family.

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A Leadership Parable for Today “How can I control the pace of my life rather than having the pace control me?”

Lance Marshall has reached the peak of success most entrepreneurs only dream about. He’s the head of a profitable company, the husband to his beautiful high school sweetheart, and the dad of three terrific kids. So why is he at odds with his employees and his family? Why does he often feel angry about the pressures of life and work?

In the tradition of great parable-based leadership books, Rod Olson tells a story about a man in over his head and the five principles that change his life forever.

“The Legacy Builder is a story that illustrates the wise insights Rod Olson has gained in his work with elite coaches and leaders. The engaging story will remind you of what’s really important and teach you the things you need to know if you desire to leave a powerful legacy.”    -Mark Sanborn, New York Times bestselling author of the Fred Factor

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The facts are on the table. Dinnertime is truly the most important hour in a day that a family can spend together. Focusing on the family meal, this book will help strengthen families by showing them how to reclaim this important time in order to build relationships, draw closer to one another, and restore a sense of peace in their homes. 

Millions of parents in America can picture the kind of home life they want but don’t know how to make it a reality. The Hour That Matters Most will help readers strengthen and transform their own families—specifically around the dinner table.

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